Pool Features


Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes as they can be custom made to fit a personality just as unique as you and your family. There are many options to consider when investing in the pool of your dreams. Water features can bring a new element to your backyard. Below is detailed explanation of many features you may want to consider to enrich your pool experience and make it ideal for your lifestyle. A simply bubbler on a tanning ledge to a more elaborate feature, the addition of moving water into your poolscape can add an artistic element as well as style and character to your pool.


Waterfalls make a dramatic addition to any pool. Our custom designs create endless design options for natural rock waterfalls to flagstone waterfalls and spa spillovers.

Raised Wall

Just as a raise spa above the level of the greater pool makes an eye catching element in the structure of a pool, so can a raise wall in the pool itself. This aspect is more common in rectangle or geometric pools. Raising an accent wall in the design makes a statement and creates a perfect site for columns, fire bowls, water features and many more possibilities.

Sheer Descents & Scuppers

A sheer descent is a modern version of a waterfall where the water arcs into the pool in a clean sheet of water. This water feature and create a calming water sound with an elegant look and is often found on geometric pools with raised walls.

Water Bowls

Water Bowls are a striking way of adding moving water from the top of columns or raised walls. They can also be combined with the element of fire.

Fire Features

The element of fire around the water gives a dramatic addition to the entire outdoor space. The element of fire can be incorporated into the design on any pool in many forms such as fire pits or fire bowls.

Tanning Ledge & Beach Entry

A tanning ledge is a flat ledge or really wide step at the entrance of your pool. It is the perfect location for a lounge chair or umbrella for those who want to relax in the pool without being fully submerged underwater. It is also a great area for young children to get used to the water or simply just to socialize with those inside or outside of the pool. A beach entry is a gradually declining slope that goes from the deck to the water, like a natural beach of sand would, without the use of steps or ladders.


Bubblers are small water features that come up from shallow pool surfaces such as a tanning ledge. They create a fun splash pad for children as well as add a little something extra in appearance.

Deck Jets & Laminars

Deck Jets or Laminars use air to project streams of water into the pool from the surrounding decking. They make for captivating water features that can add to the ambiance of the pool by during the day or night when lit with LED lights.

Pool Slides

Custom built slides can be created and established in the workings of overall pool design. Each slide is crafted to fit your pool’s shape with colors and materials. They typically accompany rock waterfalls or raised walls making your pool a source of elegance with different aspects of entertainment.


A grotto is built with rock & boulders to create a small cave, often with a waterfall curtain as an entrance adding a tropical aspect to your natural pool design.

Swim Up Bar

Swim up bars are a great way to bring together those that are wet and dry creating a site for a pool side meal or for socialization without getting out of the pool.

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