What is a Spool? Sometimes it is called a small pool, a cocktail pool or a spa pool. Spools are becoming a common trend in water leisure at home.

Spools are much smaller than an original in-ground pool and about twice as big as a typical spa. It is a perfect solution for a small or oddly shaped backyard, but big enough for entertaining individuals of all ages. The water temperature can be cool for warm days and can be quickly heated for brisk evenings when you desire a more relaxing and therapeutic experience.

When designing a spool there are many aspects that you may want to incorporate including a fire pit, seating wall for conversation, lighting effects, waterfall for soothing sounds or spa jets.

Spools can also be made into a spot for exercising. While not big enough for swimming laps, jets can be used to crease resistance and can act like a treadmill in water.

Landscaping with plants or rocks can create a finishing touch for privacy and aesthetics. So what is a Spool? They are a tend in backyard swimming pools that have many purposes and can be a beautiful addition to your home.